Digital Storytelling

Instructor: Stephanie Wilcox
Date: June 25-27—9:00am-12:00pm
Location: Elton Gregory Middle School, Room 114
Target Audience: Teachers
Teachers will learn what digital story telling is, preview classroom examples and practice using some common digital storytelling tools. You will also learn how to assess student learning as measured by Oregon State Standards. Learning will be hands-on and collaborative. Bring your own digital camera and computer connecting cable!

Day 1 9:00AM – 12:00PM

What Is Digital Storytelling?
Examples: Trip to the Moon
Oregon Trail</spanThe Count</spanEducational Uses for Digital Storytelling Examples</span>

Introduction: Myself, the class, everyone else
What is Digital Storytelling—PP dig.storytelling[1]
How can we use it in our own classrooms? Intro to 3rd grade. Welcome to our school. Reports.</span>
Video on kinder teacher
Boot up computers, navigate to the V drive with folder
How/Where do we start?
Resources—create folder in favorites Spend some time looking through the resources
The Process—writing (idea), planning (story board mapping), production (photostory), sharing
Digital Kits—Worksheet, examples of Jennifer’s
Homework—think of your own to start—need pictures from home? Central Oregon Get to know me

Day 2
Break Down of the Process
More examples:
Land Form Riddle</spanNative American Riddle</spanReview Process:
Writing, Planning, Production, Sharing
Picture sites: Pics4learning , United Streaming, Digital Camera, Art, PowerPoint, Picaso Gallery [[|<span]]
My classroom site</span>

Music files: Free Play Music, Find Sounds, Magnatune (free download of the day)
Voice Recording:
Photo Story 3—Will be on all computers in the fall. Free from Microsoft Photo Story
Story Mapping—various storyboards
Work Time

Day 3
Production and Share
Photo Story 3—hand outs


Digital Storytelling Online Resources:

Adobe Digital Kids Club Digital Storytelling
BBC - Wales - School Shoebox Stories
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DigiTales - The Art of Telling Digital Stories
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
Integrating Digital Storytelling in your Classroom Resources
NYPL Digital Gallery Home
Jennifer Gingerich
Jennifer’s Makin’ Movies
Microsoft Photo Story Download
50 Web 2.0 ways to tell a story
Skip's digital Storytelling links via

Safe Picture Galleries for Students
United Streaming
Jennifer Gingerich Picasa Site

Music Download Sites
FreePlay Music